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  The whispers of wind and waves, the murmur of the waterfall and the song of the birds in spring, music is everywhere and music is everything. The hidden beauty of life is music and it is music that runs through everything touching it and transcending it. and we wish you a hearty welcome to our website…

About Aarohi

Aarohi Music Academy is an institution dedicated to Hindustani Classical and Light music. Based in Baroda, Gujarat, Aarohi is one of the most versatile institutions that understands and explores the vast spectrum of glorious Indian Music.


Musical Events

Aarohi is also a music event company which organises musical events for individual and corporate clients. What distinguishes Aarohi as a music company is the quality and beauty of its programs along with its superb technical sound arrangements and orchestration.


Learning Music

As an institution Aarohi is dedicated to impart the best possible music training to its students. Learning music is as sensitive as creating a painting or writing a poetry, and many factors play a great role in how the students evolve as artists or a performers.




Decreasing stress
through music

Looking beyond
'conventional' pastures

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