चैतन्यं सर्वभूतानां विव्रुतं जगदात्मना।
नाद्ब्रह्मा तदानन्दम द्वितियमुपास्महे॥
We adore that Brahman, that essence of delight manifest as sound, that One without a second, who is the conscious core of all created things, who has brought forth the world out of this very own self

About Aarohi

A glance:

Aarohi Music Academy is an institution dedicated to Hindustani Classical and Light music. Based in Baroda, Gujarat, Aarohi is one of the most versatile institutions that understands and explores the vast spectrum of glorious Indian Music.  As a Music academy and a Music event organization, Aarohi has gained much acclaim ever since its inception.

The Aarohi Family is also as interesting as its journey, from young aspiring students to professional singers and highly experienced masters all come together to discover the ever enchanting world of Music in this institution.

The foundation of Hindustani Music essentially lies in its ancient form which has remained unaltered for more than 5000 years. Thus Aarohi also trains its students in classical Indian music, but over centuries many new styles and forms have emerged and they now occupy the center stage when it comes to music for entertainment. And that is why along with the much essential classical training, Aarohi is also focused on teaching different forms of music to potential students.


Aarohi Music academy was established in 1998 by Gautam Dabir who left a lucrative career in Media to dedicate his life to music teaching and development. What started as a dream has now become a reality and with his efforts the institution is witnessing great progress year after year.

After Aarohi was established, Gautam had always wanted to expand his forte in music and not to limit it to the teaching. Thus he also started Aarohi Event Company which became a platform not only for him but also for his fellow artists and his students to discover and hone their potential.

Indian music has such a vast spectrum that it can fill every moment and every expression of our life and thus Aarohi Music events had a wonderful and glorious journey. From weddings and parties to concerts and corporate events Aarohi has always received overwhelming response from its audience and it is because of this success that he is now taking the academy and the events company to new heights.

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