काव्यालापांश्च ये केचिद् गीतकान्यखिलानि च।
शब्दमूर्तिधरस्यैते विष्णोरंशा महात्मन:॥

All poetry and all music,  Are but parts of the body Of the great God. Who wears the form of sound.


Aarohi as a Music Academy

As an institution Aarohi is dedicated to impart the best possible music training to its students. Learning music is as sensitive as creating a painting or writing a poetry, and many factors play a great role in how the students evolve as  artists or a performers. Although the  nuances of music play an important role in a performance, equally important are cultivation of right values and perception about the art as also the correct ambience for learning.

At Aarohi, we have tried to create a good experience for our students by providing an ideal space to learn music, coupled with a warm and friendly  atmosphere and the right intensity of training and discipline.  Faculty members  at Aarohi are both sensitive as well as strict to make sure that the student’s realize their maximum potential.

Music is equally about understanding as it is about practicing and that is why at Aarohi try to give we give right guidance and share our experience for the student’s benefits. Currently there are around 50 students at Aarohi and their community is growing day by day. It gives us great pleasure to see our students feeling the joy of learning the most beautiful art that is music. For our teachers there is no great pleasure than seeing their student’s growing year after year.

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