चैतन्यं सर्वभूतानां विव्रुतं जगदात्मना।
नाद्ब्रह्मा तदानन्दम द्वितियमुपास्महे॥
We adore that Brahman. That essence of delight manifest as sound, that One without a second, who is the conscious core of all created things, who has brought forth the world out of this very own self

Aarohi Music Events

Aarohi is also a music event company which organises musical events for individual and corporate clients. What distinguishes Aarohi as a music company is the quality and beauty of its programs along with its superb technical sound arrangements and orchestration.  Aarohi has been offering musical programs for a wide clientele ever since its inception.

Another special aspect of Aarohi music events is its theme based events which have won much appreciation and acclaim from its clients.

The theme based events include:

Garba Theme- This is a garba songs collection which is highly preferred either during Navratri or for Gujarati weddings.

Rain Theme - This is also a very beautiful theme with songs meant for the monsoon. It has a very beautiful feel because of the melodious rain songs that cast a spell on the listeners and showers them with delight of music.

Ghazal Theme - This is perfect for a warm private gathering or a special corporate event. The melody of the ghazals creates a very relaxing and pleasant mood for the listeners and takes them to a world of fine poetry and music that is truly exalting.

Fun Theme - This is perfect for a party or a gathering where the mood is light and playful and everyone can enjoy a good time from kids to elders. These are a collection of fun filled ,light hearted songs which make everyone dance with joy and laughter.

Artists theme - Here we have a collection of songs by legendary artists. Like R.D. Burman, Mohammad Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar. These are perfect for a corporate or private event where the songs and compositions of legendary singers create a beautiful mood for an evening. Depending upon the liking of the client the artists’ collection is created.

Devotional Theme- This is a collection of bhajans (devotional songs) which are perfect for social or community or religious events.

There can be many more themes for musical evenings which can be created according to the client’s requirement. Apart from this we also have special Wedding Sangeet events which are especially created for Indian weddings.


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