चैतन्यं सर्वभूतानां विव्रुतं जगदात्मना।
नाद्ब्रह्मा तदानन्दम द्वितियमुपास्महे॥
We adore that Brahman. That essence of delight manifest as sound, that One without a second, who is the conscious core of all created things, who has brought forth the world out of this very own self

Aarohi as a Music Academy

Aarohi Music Academy: Since last 6 years Gautam runs his own music academy in Vadodara where students are trained in
classical/light music and instrumental music as well by well accomplished faculty members. Regular Voice/Speech Culture Workshops are also held, which is an exclusive feature of the academy.


The faculties that we teach at Aarohi include:

  1. Vocal Music Classical
  2. Vocal Music Light
  3. Keyboard and Harmonium
  4. Tabla

Apart from this the special feature of our institution is that we extend music learning to include

  1. Voice Culture Sessions

  2. Special presentations every alternate month

  3. Film Songs Based on Ragas

  4. Batches on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  (morning and evening)

  5. Special one and a half hours Classical Batch for kids twice a week  (with preparations for Aakhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Exams)


At Aarohi the fees has been kept moderate in order to allow every potential student to access our training.  Note that the fees is revised and updated from time to time. Kindly contact admission desk for exact fee details.

Students’ Program:

This is a special feature of Aarohi music academy. Students not only learn music but also  learn how to perform on stage. Regular class presentations are held every alternate month for each batch along with the full orchestra team and sound system. The aim is to give students an actual feel of what it is to perform on stage in front of a crowd.

Nuances of a live performance are taught which is very crucial for a performing artist. The difference between acceptable and exceptional is inculcated. This is all possible because of our vast experience and expertise in performing and handling live music events.

A professional show is put up once  every year where selected students perform in front of a huge crowd . These programs are a great platform for the students to make their musical statement and showcase their talent. It also instills immense confidence  and a stage presence in them.

 It’s a great delight for parents,  teachers and everyone else to watch these students in action and  performing on their own and we wish that all our deserving students scale great musical heights.


Click here to see the Student’s performance


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