ना नादेन विना गीतं, ना नादेन विना स्वर:।
ना नादेन विना नृत्तं, तस्मान्नादात्मकं जगत।॥

There is no song without the Nada. Nor music without it;    Without nada there is no dance.Indeed the whole creation itself is Nada.


Aarohi Music events

Our Clients:

Aarohi Music has catered to both big and small clients. Some of our corporate clients include companies like Reliance, Amul and SAL. Besides this we have many individual clients for wedding and private gathering events.

For Event Booking:

If you wish to book Aarohi Music for your corporate or private event kindly contact us for a presentation and meeting. We have delivered hundreds of musical programs for an audience of 300 to 30,000. The trained musicians along with our lively and entertaining singers can turn your event into a memorable one.

The booking has to be done at least three weeks prior to the event. The program fees depends on the scope and requirement of the event and vary from program to program.

Kindly Mr. Gautam Dabir for details:

Call: 98240-91483 (cell)

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